A rookie mistake in decluttering

I am someone who doesn't like clutter. My husband is probably more sentimental about certain physical things than I am. This might explain the three bowling pins in the attic - momentoes from his days working at a bowling alley.

Storage in our living space is incredibly slim which means that the majority of the stuff we use is out and visible.

My desk has no drawers so my files and camera equipment seem to be constantly on the desk. It kind of drives me crazy and I struggle to work at my desk. I have yet to come up with a solution that suits me. Instead, I have been regularly scrolling through Pinterest and developing office envy; dreaming about how I want my office to look, which desk I would want to buy, etc.

I have read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and know to keep things that spark joy and get rid of everything else and, for me, it is an ongoing process. Something I am still working my way through.

Recently my husband's family home was sold, and we brought home boxes from his childhood as there would no longer be a large storage area. There were five boxes, they filled our car. When we got home I asked him to go through the stuff in them.

This turned out to be a rookie mistake. He was starting with mementos instead of clothing and Marie Kondo says that's the wrong way to do it. Which is probably why he ended up keeping nearly everything!

However, it also turned into a really enjoyable afternoon. We read through things he had written as a child and laughed at the absurdity of some of his stories. He was also delighted to discover some of his childhood toys and spent at least an hour playing with Power Rangers.

I decided to grab my camera and just document. 

Dane helped me to edit the video, giving his opinion on music choices and tone. I love how this short collection of moments really shows off his humour because of the input he made.

Abi AbleyComment