A tradition I love

I adore seeing children baking with their family. I watch for their little faces of concentration as they learn new skills, the fingers that steal cookie dough from the bowl, and the tongues that sneakily lick the spoon when they think no one is looking.

I love the process of teaching little ones the harder steps. Seeing them anxiously anticipating the first taste of their creation. I love the handwritten family recipe books stained with past mixture and age.

Often during school holidays, my family would travel to visit my grandparents. They had a beautiful house called "The Lamp House" with a small amount of land. We would play outside and have all sorts of adventures. 

I vividly remember helping my granny in the kitchen. We'd make all sorts of delicious treats; scones, quiches, pies, cakes, biscuits... the list goes on. In my memory, being in the kitchen with granny was such a normal, everyday part of my childhood spent at The Lamp House. I wish I had a photograph of us baking together with me as a child, probably making more mess than helping.

Perhaps this is why I love capturing children baking, creating photos that they will be able to look back on for years to come.


Abi AbleyComment