Capturing the raw and real

I capture every day moments. 

The other day my nephews were playing with their drum set, the oldest one (3 years old) was playing the drums and his younger brother (eighteen months) was wanting a turn. I was videoing his drumming and he then got off the seat and said "It's your turn". It was a brief moment where they were sharing beautifully.

A couple of minutes later they were sharing the seat and playing the drums together. Next moment, they were pushing each other off the seat trying to have the drums all to themselves.

Both these moments are real moments in our lives. In the future, like most siblings, I am sure they will look back and laugh at their silly spats of rivalry over toys.

I love that among my photographs are the moments where it all gets a little too much and where little ones are struggling against getting dressed. There are also the moments where they're helping their grandparents doing the chores, or showing their siblings affection. My photographs capture the real moments that happen every day. There will come a time where my nephews won't respond with tears of frustration or won't be so eager to help with the washing up. 

My nephew already looks back at the photo of him crying and giggles. 

I think we get too wrapped up in creating this unattainable image of perfection. I want to see more real moments where raw emotion is being expressed. 

I love the quote by Lauren King:

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