How five minutes changed our day

I'm sat in traffic on the motorway. We're talking complete standstill. Engines off, people are wandering around, engaging in small talk, giving and receiving updates as to how long we might be here and the wait time is continually increasing and becoming later and later.

We decided to visit family today, a situation which required some urgency arose and my husband was impatient to leave. He nearly didn't shower before we left. My argument for him to pause and shower was "five minutes won't make a difference in the grand scheme of things."

We're now sitting at a standstill, five minutes or so from where a lorry crossed the central reservation, hitting cars and ending up in the ditch, killing at least four people in it's path. One of them a father and his wife and two children are in critical condition in hospital.

As the hours drag by, I can't complain. If My Handsome Man hadn't showered we could be in that accident.

It could have been us.

We could have been the people in the ambulance that just flew past us on the southbound carriageway, sirens blaring, in the direction of the nearest hospital.

As inconvenient as it is to be sat here instead of continuing our journey, there are others who are having a far worse day. People who have lost loved ones, children without a father, emergency responders who are working tirelessly in the rain to clear the road and who will probably need counselling to help them deal with the atrocities they have seen today.

Everyone stuck in this traffic is aware how lucky we are. People are staying positive and I haven't heard a word of complaint from the people around us. Some of them juggling toddlers and young children with the four hour wait.

Today, just take five minutes, not a huge amount of time in the grand scheme of things, to be grateful. To hug your loved ones a little closer and tell them you love them. That five minutes might make all the difference.

Abi AbleyComment