Snaps from Pembrokeshire

Snaps from Pembrokeshire.jpg

When My Handsome Man and I watch movies together, I regularly fall in love with the locations where the filming takes place.

"Can we go there someday?"


That's normally as far as the conversation goes. Then I do a little research and add the location to the wish list of places to visit, Lyme Park being at the top - I mean, which Jane Austen fan doesn't want to visit Pemberley?! I'm not the only one who adds to the list, though. In Dane's mind, Middle-earth is the top of the list.

So when watching 'Me Before You,' I wanted to visit the castle.

My parents then organised a family holiday to Pembrokeshire. We currently live with my parents and we are so grateful to them, but all those who have lived with in-laws/parents will know it isn't always the easiest situation. Part of us wanted to go on the holiday, but we also wanted to take advantage of the house being empty for the week.

Whilst looking up things to do in Pembrokeshire, I discovered that the castle seen in 'Me Before You' was none other than Pembroke Castle - a mere 5-minute drive from our holiday cottage! So with Pembroke Castle calling my name, and Dane's Nan living locally, we decided to join the family for a couple of days, and then enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty home for the rest of the week.

I absolutely adored our short break in Pembrokeshire.

After exploring Pembroke Castle we visited Barafundle Bay Beach. It's a beautiful beach with a 10-15 minute walk from the carpark. The views on the walk were stunning. 

Unfortunately, we visited after a storm, and stormy weather means jellyfish get washed up on the beach. We still had a lovely afternoon building sandcastles and relaxing on the sand. It was probably too cold to go in the sea, though we all dipped our toes in the water.

I didn't take thousands of photographs of our holiday this time. Instead, I chose to focus on trying something relatively new for me, and that is using the video option on my camera. I have compiled a short video, which is viewable here, and which features a lot of footage of my nephews. My favourite moments are the 3-year-old shooting a bow and arrow, and the 1-year-old walking on dry sand for the first time.