Snow days

There's rumours that it's going to snow again this weekend. I am hoping, praying, and keeping everything crossed that we somehow avoid the forecasted snow!

We live on a hill and when it snows, we're stuck up here - stranded from the rest of the world. That feeling of being stuck and unable to drive anywhere suddenly makes me want to drive everywhere!

It was my nephews' first experience of snow and they adored it! We bundled them up in layer upon layer of warm clothing followed by waterproofs but that beast from the east was brutal and within twenty minutes they were so cold we returned to the warmth of a fire and hot chocolates. 


I mean seriously! Look at that face of delight!

As much as I dislike snow, I knew that I would have huge regrets if I didn't capture the first snow these boys experience. The sudden arrival of snow makes you realise how unprepared for it we are in this country. I retrieved items from the back of closets which I haven't worn in years and borrowed further items from family members to equip myself to go out in snow up to my knees. All for the sake of a few photographs. 

I have no regrets!

Along with looking at photos, my nephews love to watch themselves on video and this little collection of scenes has been playing on repeat ever since.

Whether you love snow or really dislike it, I hope that on the recent snow days you were able to create happy memories with loved ones. 

Abi AbleyComment