Christmas Tradition Sessions


I adore December. I love the winter evenings, curled in beautifully soft blankets in front of a log fire. I love the smells of nutmeg and cinnamon that emanate from the baking happening in the kitchen. I love the Christmas movies and children’s books that we unpack from where they have been stored the rest of the year and that remind me of my childhood. I adore the Christmas music that plays in shops and on repeat where ever you go. I love the parting greetings of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy holidays” that put smiles on people’s faces.

December is a really magical time of year.

It is also a really, really busy time of year. Even if you minimalise your calendar, I still find I have lots going on in December. There’s work Christmas parties, school plays and concerts, family get togethers, preparation for Father Christmas visiting, not to mention the shopping lists containing all the things that need to be bought ready for Christmas day.

Most important of all there are the family Christmas traditions.

My favourite tradition happens on the first of December - we unpack and decorate our Christmas tree.

We turn on a Christmas playlist and both put the tree together, then while I “faff with the lights,” Dane escapes to the kitchen and makes the most delicious hot chocolates topped with whipped cream and Flake chocolate. We then decorate the tree, unwrapping all our decorations lovingly collected over the years of our marriage. Each year we add one decoration that sort of sums up that year or that we simply love.

PAIN POINT/Desired outcome FOR CLIENT Beautiful images capturing their family in the busiest time of the year.

Agitation- HOW MUCH THAT PROBLEM SUCKS how the outcome with help their lives

SOLUTION - why i’m different to every photographer — don’t have to schedule out time, bring me along on your tradition

TESTIMONIALS - imagine how awesome it will be

OBJECTION - deal with objections - no money, no time, what if it doesn’t work for me

Response - what it looks like to do nothing - opportunity to make a decision 1 stay where you are, 2 try to do it themselves, 3 trust the product





Anyone who knows me, knows I have a favourite time of year! There is something about the Christmas season that I absolutely love. I have Christmas books and movies that get packed away and magically appear in the lead up to Christmas, ready for the movie advent and book advent I love to organise. I watch all the cheesy hallmark movies, the ones that are sickly sweet and feel-good. ‘The Muppet’s Christmas Carol’ is a must watch movie in our house over Christmas, we sit down on Christmas Eve as a family and watch it together.

I love decorating the house for Christmas. On the 1st December our tree goes up. Dane takes to the kitchen as I put together the tree and start placing the lights. He returns from the kitchen with delicious hot chocolates topped with whipped cream and flake chocolate. We unwrap the precious decorations we have gathered over the years and decorate the tree while listening to a Christmas playlist. Michael Bublé has to be on the playlist. It’s just not Christmas without him singing something as we decorate the tree. I love the traditions. I love the emphasis on doing things together as a family.

This year, I am offering a new session. I want to capture you and your family’s favourite Christmas tradition. Whether that’s baking Christmas treats, selecting your Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm, decorating the Christmas tree or something else entirely.

I have five sessions available in December.

As this is my first year of offering Christmas tradition sessions they will be half price. That’s a £100 investment for at the very minimum 2 hours of photography. It also includes 10 digital images (though more can be ordered at an additional cost). If you don’t live close by I am prepared to travel.

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