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Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.

- Jack Kerouac


What does your story look like?

It's the good mixed with the bad. It's your life, no staging, no direction from a photographer. It's the moments that too quickly become memories. The stages they grow out of far too fast. The photographs that speak to the innermost depths of your heart because they capture the ones you love as they really are. In five years time, it's the visual record that will transport you back.

It is the real, authentic stories of your life now, lovingly captured before they become memories.


Meet Abi

I am a people watcher. I love seeing others interacting and going about their daily lives. Add a camera and I love capturing the little everyday moments that are so easy to overlook. I am a documentary style photographer which means I value the real, authentic, un-staged normality of life. Life is messy, but it is beautiful in its messiness. If you want the little stories that make your family unique captured (beautiful mess and all), please get in touch.



Latest Session

A Mama and her daughters