You are in the right place if...


...the last family photography session you booked was a complete disaster. Children didn't want to sit still so they ended up crying / red-faced for the resulting photographs you spent money on (I totally experienced this as a child).

...your life is about to change in a big way, or has just changed dramatically. Maybe your oldest is about to start school and you want to capture the children at home together before life changes. Perhaps you have just welcomed a little bundle of joy (congratulations!) and want to remember forever every little detail you possibly can. want to capture your life naturally. Little everyday moments. Teens entertaining themselves with technology, children baking under adult supervision, one-on-one time with your other half. You want to capture this stage of your life, no matter what that stage is. All the tiny stories that make your life beautiful.

Hi I'm Abi

I don't like being the centre of attention. I like to blend into the crowd and people watch. This is perfect for me as a documentary style photographer. On your session, I want you to ignore me and pretend I am not there. I want you to live your life as you would any other day- full of spills, mishaps, tussles, hugs, tears, laughter and everything else in-between.

I want to show you how beautiful the little stories of your life are.

Want to know more?

I'm married to an amazing guy who I love dearly. I developed a health condition that, for a time, limited my activity. It was then that my love of photography grew. I couldn't join in but I could document from the sidelines. Thankfully this health condition is a thing of the past but I can still be found, on the sidelines, doing what I love - capturing stories.