A surprise aeroplane date


My Handsome Man and I both own Cineworld Unlimited Cards. As a result, a lot of our dates tend to be movies. We love cinema trips and watching the new releases, but sometimes you need to do something different. I planned a surprise date for him. He has always wanted to fly a plane, and my cousin just so happens to have his pilot license and owns a share in a little plane. This brought the possibility of a flight into our price range.

There were a couple of bumps along the way that meant the date had to be postponed but we were finally able to go flying! My cousin brought his little boy along with him to experience flying for the first time. He has been to see the plane and loves pretending to fly it. We settled him in and popped noise-cancelling headphones over his ears. He hated them and pulled them off, not understanding why we were torturing him by covering his ears. As we took off and the noise of the aeroplane started to increase, his cries prompted me to replace the headphones. He finally allowed it and quickly fell asleep.

My husband was like a child in a sweetie shop, giddy with excitement and asking questions to try to learn as much as he could in the hour-long flight. My cousin loves flying so was happy to explain the functions of each dial and switch; he even demonstrated how to get out of some hairy situations. He explained the dangers of a spiral-dive and how pilots during World War II died because they didn't receive the training to exit the dive safely. Acting on instinct causes you to spiral faster, exiting the dive goes against everything you would expect you need to do and requires you to turn the throttle right back and have the engine idling in mid-air (n.b. explained with my very limited knowledge of flying). 

While the men dealt with refuelling and putting the aeroplane away, I looked after my cousin's little boy. He enjoyed being in the front of the car and turning every switch on and off again. His favourite discovery was the button for the hazard lights which prompted him to utter one of his favourite words at the time: "woooow."

It was an amazing day and I really enjoyed planning and organising the surprise. I even booked the (original) date off work for Dane without him knowing! My friends know that I completely suck at lying; with the rescheduling and Dane trying to guess what we would be doing, I am pretty chuffed that he only worked out what it was as we travelled to the airfield on the day. I look forward to planning some more surprise dates in the future.

This date was completely focused on Dane. I wanted the photos to document him having this experience. Sometimes it is easy to forget to capture the activities you and your significant other do together. The dates you go on make up the chapters of your on-going love story. Make sure that story is documented. It always brings a smile to my face looking back on date day photos, I hope it will do the same for you.