Documenting his hobbies and interests

I knew the moment I started dating my handsome man that television and films would be a huge part of our lives. He is, in every way, a film geek - from attending Film School to his vast library of collector's edition steelbooks and blu-rays.

I have a collection of photographs capturing his year at film school; working on short films and web productions; the many nights spent writing and researching his latest script; and then the brief glimpses of downtime we spent relaxing.

His Christmas list every year of our marriage has basically been a list of movies he wants to own and I expect this year to be no different. In his 'Man Tin' he has his collection of cinema tickets, keeping track of the movies he has seen each year at the cinema.

Unlimited cards

I think the cards are our favourite monthly subscription. I am so grateful that Cineworld Cinemas have the unlimited card! We would probably be on the verge of bankruptcy if they didn't. For less than £20 a month, the card enables the holder to see as many films as they want to - in my husband's case, as many as he possibly can! You only need to go to the cinema twice a month to make the card a good investment.

My hubby went to the cinema last week and saw five movies in one day! He's pretty proud of that accomplishment. We recently went to the cinema together and saw:

'Everything, Everything'

Because it's essentially free to attend the cinema, I don't have to drag Dane along to movies. I joke that I do, but in reality, he's happy to accompany me to pretty much all the movies I want to see.

'Everything, Everything' was a movie I chose. I was pleasantly surprised as it was better than I was expecting (though my expectations were low). I read the book and felt it was okay, but I could see the 'twist' coming so I found it a bit predictable.

The movie had some really good concepts that we felt could have been developed more throughout. I loved the hand-drawn animated explanation of Maddy's illness and would have loved to see this style element continue instead of just being in the closing credits. 

I liked the scene where Maddy and Olly are having a conversation and their thoughts were coming up subtitled on the screen. It would have been interesting to see this be experimented with on more of their meetings.

'The Big Sick'

Based on a true story, I found this to be an emotionally heavy film. It is a 15 which means there was quite a bit of bad language for those who want to avoid for that reason. 

I know some people who have found they didn't connect with the characters and found the story boring. I, however, really did connect with them. I can't imagine having to make a choice between two incredibly important aspects of your life. It was a really honest and heartfelt look into the challenges of being raised in one culture, with the family expectation that you live by the traditions of another.

'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'

First of all, I want a 'Mül converter' - that little thing was ridiculously cute.

The visuals were incredible. I haven't read the graphic novels but seeing the movie made me want to. 

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Cara Delevingne as an actor and, although this was probably the best role I have seen her in, I'm not sure she was a great choice. I really liked Dane DeHaan as Valerian but felt the chemistry between the two was pretty... non-existent.


We're always looking for new things to watch, so if you have any recommendations for movies or Netflix / Amazon Prime T.V. series, I would love to hear from you.

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