Multi-Stake Relief Society Day

I love seeing groups of women gather together. The 'Relief Society' is the largest women's organisation in the world. At the beginning of June, five hundred women gathered together to be taught, edified, uplifted, and hopefully leave the day feeling better equipped to handle the pressures of life. 

There were a variety of workshops; some promoted healthy lifestyle choices regarding food, exercise and simplifying our lives; there was a choir workshop run by a couple with incredible musical talent; other workshops aimed to build confidence and self-esteem; and there were also workshops that focused on religious beliefs.

As the documentary photographer, I was privileged to be able to sneak in the back of all of the sessions and hear snippets from each workshop. There was so much of value that was taught that day. It was also incredible to see women I hadn't seen in years and be able to hug them tight.

The full album for the multi-stake relief society day can be found here.

Abi AbleyComment