Tutorial: Creating Photo Numbers

AAbleyJan4 I knew exactly how I wanted my 2016 Project Life title page to look before I began. I find that some years I struggle for weeks to create something I am happy with. This year, it all seemed to fall in to place before 2015 was finished.

January 2016 falls halfway through our album this year, our Project Life album follows My Handsome Man's school year from August 2015 through to August 2016. In spite of this, I still wanted to mark the start of a new year with a title page. I loved the 'currently' card in the Project 52 2016 Edition core kit and knew I would use it to record where we are in our year - we are not big on new years resolutions.

I wanted photos of My Handsome Man and I, alongside photos of Vancouver in number format across the 3x4 pockets but wasn't one hundred percent sure how to create them. A quick play on Photoshop Elements and I had it worked out. A few people have asked how I created these number photos so I thought I would put together a tutorial. I am hoping that the following images will help you walk through the process step by step.


Step One

In Photoshop Elements, create a new blank file to fit the photo pocket page, in this case 3x4.


Step Two

Select the paint bucket tool and choose your preferred colour for the background. Fill the blank file.

Paint fill colour

Step Three

Select the Type tool and choose a font. A chunky style font works best, I used 'Blackoak Std'. Type your letter/number and enlarge to fit the file.

Insert text

Step Four

Open your chosen image and drag it to create a new layer in your file. Resize the image so it is large enough to fit the 3x4 file. In the layers menu, on the right, reorder the layers so the photo is above the text layer.

Drag photo

Step Five

Create a clipping mask, either by selecting 'Layer' and then 'Create Clipping Mask' or by holding 'command' and 'G'.

Create Clipping Mask

Step 6

Move the photo until you are happy with how the photo fits in the text shape. Flatten the image and save.

final image

All that is left to do is transfer the image on to the device you use for the Project Life App. I transfer using Dropbox (but there are other options available) and import into the App as a photograph for use on your page layout.