The 'Perfect Cleanser'

I was like a little child on Christmas morning, jumping around and giddy with glee. At least inside I was. Being that excited on the High Street outside Space NK would have been embarrassing!

I had just repurchased my favourite cleanser. I hadn't budgeted for a new cleanser and stupidly thought 'my skin is really good at the moment, maybe I can take a break and not spend the money.' Yes, I was an idiot. My skin deteriorated quickly.

This is the cleanser I have been using for a couple of years now.

It's the cleanser I couldn't buy in Canada but had shipped from England because I loved it THAT much (I have since discovered the Cult Beauty sells it and ships worldwide).

It is a product that my super sensitive, awkward skin did not react to.

It is also the cleanser that every time I buy it in-store someone comments on how amazing it is.

Why I thought I could cut it out of my routine I have no idea! It so quickly became apparent that my skin was so good because of the cleanser and the properties it brings to my skin.

Three days after I reintroduced this product back into my skincare routine and my skin had shown significant improvement. The blemishes were disappearing, the bumpiness smoothing itself out.

It has been one of my essentials and will continue to be so.

My skin is dry, sensitive and reacts to a billion different products under the sun. My husband calls me a snob, on account of my skin reacting to the cheaper skin care products, instead preferring those that are high-end, complete with high-end price tag. I have to remind him that it's not me that is the snob, it's my skin.

I am loving exploring different skin care options at the moment. The better the condition your skin is in, the less work your make up needs to do! The cleanser that is now number one on my list of beauty items I would take to a desert island is the Oskia Perfect Cleanser, retailing at £32.50 for 125ml. You don't need to use a lot of product so it lasts for ages and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight so I don't feel like I need to rush to the next step in my skincare routine. It is so worth the price tag! The Perfect Cleanser starts as a balm and emulsifies into a milk when you add water. It is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, hormonal, or mature skin. It is the lesser known of Oskia's cleansers, the more popular Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel getting a lot of the limelight, but for me, it really is the perfect cleanser.