A mama and her daughters

There’s sand between my toes, and a salty breeze tussles my hair, pulling strands out of the loose ponytail. My camera is in my hands and I’m watching the two daughters in blue explore the sand dunes, and hunt for seashells among the pebbles.

The thing with booking a photography session is, you might wake up on the morning and it’s the last thing you feel like doing that day. Maybe you’re having an insecure day, maybe you didn’t sleep well and you’re struggling to get through the morning, wishing that you could have stayed in bed.

“I’ll focus on the girls,” I said.

Then we started to spend time together and I knew I had lied. There was no possible way I could focus on just the daughters. Every aspect of them turned to their mother. They wanted her to join in, and she did with enthusiasm, encouraging their beautiful imagination. So, on a session where I “focused on the daughters,” there are so many pictures of their beautiful Mama mixed in.

Abi Abley2 Comments